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Date Posted:27th Jul 2012
Item Title:Rose Water from Bulgaria, Vesselino Ltd.
Item Posting No.:00002713
Item sale price:EUR N/A
Item Description:Our company offers for sale one of the most typical products of Bulgarian origin - Rose flower water. Package: Plastic barrels of 220 kg net each.rnAppearance: Transparent or opalescent liquid rnColor: Colorless rnAroma: Of Rose rnContent of essential oil: Not less than 0.025% rnIdentity: Of phenyl-ethyl alcohol, geraniol, nerol by Gas-Chromatography. rnPhysicochemical indices: rnRelative gravity at 20ÂșC: 0.950 - 1.000 rnpH (direct) : 4.00 - 8.00 rnPercent of ethanol: 0.00 - 4.00 rnTotal viable aerobic count: Not more than 1000 CFU/g rnFungi: Not more than 100 CFU/g rnStaphylococcus aureus: Not detected rnReported uses: Natural Rose water is a product used in perfumery and cosmetics.rnRose water is a product obtained by steam-water distillation of fresh blossoms of damask rose, the world well known oleaginous rose. rnThe only one producer in the world, which produces rose water by steam-water distillation for its self, not as a by-product of obtaining of the rose oil is Bulgaria. The Bulgarian rose water is produced by a process of distillation which controls the content of essential oil in it and it is an object of Bulgarian State Standardization. rnRose water is an excellent toner which will make your skin gentle, glowing and healthy. The properties which I will mention above are proved to demonstration and they are the reason the rose water to be used in the treatments of all sorts of dermatists.rn- Tightening skin poresrn- Controls and balances the secretion of the fatty glands in the skinrn- Antibacterial properties, which helps by anti-acne fightrn- It stimulates the skin and heights the blood flowrn- Natural cleansing propertiesrn- Reducing wrinklesrn- Helps against skin inflammation and sun burnsrn- Maintaining the pH balance of the skinrn- Anti-allergic properties
Item Condition:On demand
Contact Name:Veselin Kolev
Contact's Email:Click here to email contact
Contact's Address/Telephone/Fax:Tel: 35943162399 rnFax: 35943181231 rnWebsite: rnE-mail:


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