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Date Posted:21st May 2017
Item Title:soft serve ice cream
Item Posting No.:00005390
Item sale price:USD 3500 USD
Item Description:Product Brochure Print SAFİRStopcock Number3Production Capacity300-350 Porsiyon.TypeVertical(Dikey)Production SystemPompalı
Tap Number 3

Production Capacity 300-350 Portion.

Type Vertical

Production System Pumped

You can produce plain, cacao and mixed Doft İce-cream or Frozen Yogurt with the Triomax – Safir Model, fitted with three taps, double tank and air pump. Triomax – Safir Model is used in the points, having Malls and intensive pedestrian traffic, in many cities in Turkey. Furthermore, with Triomax – Safir Model, free Soft Ice-cream and Frozen Yogurt is distributed in the fairs. On Triomax – Safir Soft Ice-cream machines, French TECUMSEH is used as main refrigerating compressor and Italian ASPERA – EMBRACO compressor is used as upper refrigerating compressor.

Air Pump: You can serve more bulky products with less gramage in favor of the pump in Triomax – Safir soft ice-cream and Frozen Yogurt machine.Service Capacity Per Hour: You can serve 350 portions per hour. You can serve in series.

Standby mode: You do not have to operate Triomax-Safir Soft Ice-cream and Frozen Yogurt machine at night. What you need is to shut off the machine and push the “keep fresh” button. Thus, your machine provides energy saving as well as it keeps the material at +4 degree in order to make it ready for the service next day.

Washing Mode: You can wash your machine in the automatic washing mode by using the washin button on the control board of your machine. Trainings are provided during the installation of your machine. Moreover, the washing process is indicated in the user manual and videos in our website.

Hardness Degree: The values such as machine operation area and air temperature affect directly the service quality of the product as well as affecting the performance of your machine. Triomax- Safir Soft Ice-cream machine has a module on which you can adjust the service coldness degree and your sales continue in a healthy way without being affected by the environment change.

Accessories: The standard is 1 piece of triple cone box, 1 piece of service tray, 1 piece of decorative umbrella and and tap apparatus allowing services of pasta-shaped ice-cream.
Item Condition:NEW
Contact's Email:Click here to email contact
Contact's Address/Telephone/Fax:IZMIR CITY TURKEY


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