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Date Posted:30th Sep 2016
Item Title:Power Electronics Lab
Item Posting No.:00005404
Item sale price:USD 510
Area:IT-2013, Ramchandrapura Indust
Item Description:Power Electronics Lab is used to perform power electronics circuit experiments. It is very useful in power electronics laboratories for performing power experiments in colleges and universities. It is very for student to know about the characteristics of power electronics devices and the applications of power devices. The applications or power devices are in alarm circuit, lamp flasher, rectifiers, choppers, invertors. It is also used for commutation circuits.

Technical Specifications:
DC Power Supply on Board : ± 5V at 100mA
: ± 12V at 150mA
: ± 15V at 50mA
: ± 35V at 50mA
AC Power Supply on Board : 18V - 0V - 18V at 50mA
: 15V - 0V - 15V at 50mA
Triggering Circuit on Board : 5 gate signal output
Frequency range : 40Hz to 900Hz Variable
Amplitude : 12V
PWM control of G1,G2,G3 and G4 Duty
cycle control of “Gate” Signal is 0 to 100%
Single Phase Rectifier : Firing angle control 0°-180° variables
Firing Circuit on Board : Four gate signal output with isolation
SCR Assembly : 4 SCRs 2P4M, 600V,2A
Power Devices : IGBT-G4BC20S, MOSFET-IRF540, UJT-2N2646, DIAC-DB3, TRIAC-BT136, PUT-2N6027
Circuit Components On Board : Capacitor 0.01uF, 0.047uF , 0.1uF, 0.33uF, 1uF/63V(4Nos.) 2.2uF/50V
Diode 1N4007 (8Nos.)
Zener Diode 9V (1Nos. )
Inductors 10mH, (1Nos.), 68mH (2Nos.)
Load Resistance 120E, 270E, 1K, 2K2, each 5W
Resistance on Board (½ W) 22E/5W, 100E/2W, 220E/2W
Resistance on Board(1/4W) 10K (3Nos.), 22K,33K,47K,
Potentio Meter 4K7(2Mos.), 1M(1Nos.)
Pulse Transformer on Board : 2 Nos. PT4502, 1:1 and one is PT4503 1:1:1
Toggle Switch : SPST (1Nos.)
Power Requirements : 220V ±10%, 50Hz
Item Condition:brand new, good quality, educational trainer, electronic product
Contact Name:Ashutosh Agarwal
Contact's Email:Click here to email contact
Contact's Address/Telephone/Fax:IT-2013, Ramchandrapura Industrial Area, Sitapura Extension, Near Bombay Hospital, Vidhani Circle, Jaipur-302022, India.


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