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Date Posted:29th Jan 2018
Item Title:Professional manufacturer linear vibrating screen
Item Posting No.:00005764
Item sale price:USD 1200
Item Description:Introduction:

This screening machine is mainly used in: coal, compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, metallurgy, mining and other raw materials or finished products screening equipment.It is mainly used for finished products and the returns of particle separation, also can realize product classification, make the finished product evenly classification, its using combined sieve net, easy maintenance and replacement, this machine has simple structure, convenient operation, stable running, is the ideal equipment of powder particles grading.


The machine can be divided into three parts:
1)--Chassis parts: the machine frame adopts optimal carbon steel, channel steel welded together, and passed the strict product quality certification and the specific technical requirements, to achieve the purpose of this machine.
2)--Rotating sieve part: this part adopts modular screen mesh, its by the driving wheel through coupling, spread to the main shaft, the screen installed on the welding on the main shaft of the roll cage.Material from the feed end enter, through continuous rotary roll cage, grading, uniform discharging mouth outflow from below, the effective separation will be finished and return materials, reducing the labor intensity.
3)--Rotating the connecting parts: motor drive belt pulley, triangle, speed reducer drive, make the spindle rotation work, including transmission reducer and the working parts of main shaft, and driven by gritting column pin type coupling phase transfer, convenient assembly and maintenance.

Contact us:

Company: Xinxiang Techang vibration machinery CO.,LTD
Tel: +86-373-3352550
Fax: +86-373-3352551
Phone: +8618537307162
Item Condition:New
Contact Name:Shirley
Contact's Email:Click here to email contact


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