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Date Posted:18th Aug 2019
Item Title:Zn/Al Metallized Bopp Capacitor Film
Item Posting No.:00006016
Item sale price:USD USD6
Item Description:1.Basic Information
(1)MPP Film Type: Metallized Polypropylene Film For Capacitors
(4)Margin Value:0.5mm 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm
(5)Specification:Metallized Film For Capacitors
(6)Types Of Metallized Layer:Al Metallized Film、Zn/Al Metallized Film
(7)Density: 0.905+/-0.005g/cm3
(8)Processing Type:Vacuum Coating Capacitor Film
(9)Trade Mark :CSF
(10)MOQ:1 Kilogram
(11)Delivery Detail:7~15 Days After Payment
(12)Packaging Details :To be shipped in vaccum-sealed metallized plastic bags
(13)Transport Package:Vaccum Package For Standard Export Carton
(14)Port :Shanghai Or Ningbo
(15)Origin:Tongling City,Anhui Province,China(Mainland)

2.Products Types
(1)Single margin Opp film with one side Zn-Al metallized
(2)Single margin Opp film with slope resistance one side Zn-Al metallized
(3)Single margin Opp film with high resistance one side Zn-Al metallized
(4)Segmented metallized film
(5)Middle margin PET film with double sided Al metallized
(6)Single margin OPP film with one side Al metallized
(7)Double margin OPP film with one side Al metallized
(8)Multi-margin OPP film with one side Zn-Al metallized
(9)We can design and produce all kinds of metallized film for capacitors according to customer's requirement

3.Normal Specification
(1)Item:Metallized Polypropylene Film
(4)Margin Value(mm):1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0
Note:Other specifications and sizes of metallized bopp capacitor film which are not in the above table can be negotiable.

(1)Film rolls are packed and heat-sealed in vacuum plastic bags with desiccants inside
(2)The bags are marked with type labels
(3)The bags are packed in carton cases
(4)The cartons are wrapped in wooden cases or reinforced carton
Item Condition:The film is wound around a strong core with the metallized layer facing inward. After the film has been wrapped, there will put a paster on the margin. The specified external disk diameter can be achieved.In addition, the coils are separated by plastic foam to protect the electrodes.
Contact Name:Helen
Contact's Email:Click here to email contact
Contact's Address/Telephone/Fax:No.1771 QiFeng Road,Shizishan National High Technology Zone,Tongling,Anhui,China(Mainland)


If you communicate with the seller at the above listed contact details rather than the email contact form please mention quoting the item title and posting number.


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